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Know the reason of tight foreskin or Phimosis

Let’s know about what tight foreskin, or Phimosis, types & how to identify it, and also about the treatment or Foreskin Tightening Treatment in Delhi NCR.

Foreskin Tightening Treatment in Delhi NCR

Generally, Phimosis is the inability to expose the glans, the terminal part of the penis, as the overlying skin does not have enough opening and cannot be retracted. This condition is common in baby boys and tends to disappear, in most cases during the 1st year of age, to a lesser extent until 5 years or only at puberty, without the need for any specific treatment, however When the skin does not retract enough over time, it may be necessary to use a specific ointment or perform surgery.

There are 2 types of male phimosis:

Physiological phimosis: It is the most common condition, which is present from birth.

Secondary phimosis: It can arise at any stage of life, and occurs after a picture of infection, or trauma to the region.

In some cases the skin is so narrow that even urine can be trapped inside the skin, increasing the risk of a urinary infection. In most cases, it can cause pain during sexual intercourse, there is a greater propensity to get an STD, HPV or to suffer from cancer of the penis, in addition to increasing the risk of suffering paraphimosis, which is when the foreskin remains retracted and does not re-coat the glans.

How Phimosis is diagnosed?

The only way to confirm the presence of Phimosis is to manually retract the skin overlying the glans of the penis. When it is not possible to see the glans completely, it means that there is phimosis, which can be classified into 5 different degrees, although the degree is not very important to decide the best treatment, because it depends especially on the age of the individual. The first time that this condition is present or not is in the newborn, however, it is part of all consultations with the pediatrician up to 5 years and Foreskin Tightening Treatment in Delhi NCR.

How the treatment is carried out?

Tight foreskin or Phimosis has a cure and it is not always necessary to resort to treatment, so in the case of children, the pediatrician will evaluate the situation, and it can be resolved naturally until 4 or 5 years of age. However, if after this phase the phimosis persists, or in cases of secondary phimosis, it is necessary to carry out a treatment that can be done with:

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