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How Sexologist Doctor in Delhi NCR treats Ejaculation problems?

“The various problems of ejaculation that can be cured with our best treatment.”

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

According to Dr. PK Gupta, Best Sexologist Doctor in Delhi, The Erectile Dysfunction (ED) where symptoms are easily identifiable - erection does not occur despite stimuli, stiffness is lost when changing position, morning erections disappear or cease to occur, or even climax occurs with an erection weaker-; A man who suffers from Premature Ejaculation (PE) may never realize if there is no partner to point this out to him or he has no idea how long an average sexual relationship lasts to be considered "normal."

As its name implies, premature ejaculation is the one that occurs “before time” but, how long are we talking about? Before what? We understand that each couple has their own sexual dynamics and time is relative in each case. However, there are thousands of studies that determine an average of 5 to 13 minutes for intercourse that allows both parties to be satisfied. When ejaculation occurs 1 or 2 minutes after penetration, without any control and before the man wants it, we are facing a case of premature ejaculation and Sexologist Doctor in Delhi.

Best sexologist doctor in Delhi NCR

In summary, this sexual dysfunction consists more in the lack of control than in the duration of intercourse. That is what prevents both the man and his partner from fully enjoying the sexual act and sexologist doctor in Faridabad.

According to the sexologist doctor how exercises are capable?

Exercises for Premature Ejaculation are the backbone of the comprehensive treatment that the patient must follow in a disciplined way to relearn how to control his muscles, breathing, movements, and even thoughts that take him away from lasting pleasure. Why?

As we have said on other occasions, 90% of erectile dysfunction cases are due to physiological causes and only 10% are of psychological origin and sexologist in Delhi. With premature ejaculation, the reverse occurs: 10% of the causes are organic (such as hypersensitivity in the glans) and 90% are due to poor learning and/or emotional problems such as anxiety, fear of failure or high levels of stress and sexologist doctor in Noida.

Exercises for premature ejaculation are effective precisely to correct these bad learning and, at the same time, control the negative emotions that cause premature ejaculation, restoring the patient's self-confidence and eliminating the anxiety or nervousness that can produce a sexual encounter and Sexologist Doctor in Delhi NCR.

Dr. PK Gupta, Knowing more about how our body works is the first step to eliminate fear. And who better to clarify all our doubts, than a specialist in male intercourse health and sexologist doctor in Ghaziabad. We are the best doctor to treat the patients with the best satisfaction & lasting sexual intercourse, determining the causes of the problem and subsequently, showing us how to identify the sensations and phases that our body goes through from arousal to orgasm.

How exercises for premature ejaculation are performed?

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the exercises are part of a treatment that may include medications -in case the doctor considers it necessary- and that they must be carried out to the letter, just as your “coach”, respecting the frequency and suggested repetitions. Only in this way can the effectiveness of this relearning be assured.

There is no reason to feel shame or fear, the doctor and/or sexologist near me will guide you with total professionalism so that you can practice at home and best Sexologist Doctor in Delhi.

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