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Paraphilic is the set of sexual behaviors in which the person repeatedly experiences high intercourse arousal by objects or actions that are not typically sexual, can lead to humiliation of those involved in the intimate act, or include people who do not consent to have physical relations and Paraphilic Treatment in Delhi NCR. Within the paraphilia we find exhibitionism, frotteurism, fetishism, pedophilia, sadism, masochism, and voyeurism. All of us can be attracted to fantasies that have to do with paraphilic themes within a broader set of intercourse fantasies. This is not a problem. Unlike this, people with paraphilia are obsessed with a certain fantasy.

Paraphilic Treatment in Delhi NCR

It is very difficult for the person who has a paraphilia to go for a Paraphilic treatment since their behaviors are very shameful. They usually come to our office when the paraphilia has affected their environment and the problem has been discovered and Paraphilic Treatment in Delhi NCR. If you think that you may be suffering from a Paraphilia, it is important that you consider consulting one of our specialists in human sexuality Dr. PK Gupta. Think that you are used to this type of consultation and you will not feel judged at any time. As therapists we know that you are not to blame for your Paraphilia. It is a psychological problem that affects your sexuality and can pose a risk to your environment.


There are different causes that lead to Paraphilia. During the first consultation, your therapist will ask you about your sex life and perform a psychological examination to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. Remember that the best treatment in the world is useless if a proper diagnosis has not been made. Our center is very aware of this fact and dedicates a lot of effort to gather information to make an accurate diagnosis.

During your first visit we must have three very clear objectives. Obtaining an accurate diagnosis is the first goal of your first consultation. Secondly, we must be able to explain clearly to you the causes and the process that has led you to the current situation. You must fully understand how your Paraphilia has been established and the mechanisms by which it is maintained over time. Your knowledge of the problem will be the basis on which the treatment will be based.

Finally we will develop a treatment plan for the following sessions.

Remember, our objectives during the first consultation will be:


Our Paraphilic treatment in Delhi is based on cognitive-behavioral psychology that has proven scientific evidence. Your therapist will explore the triggers that activate your paraphilic feelings, the mental process in which you associate the paraphilic object stimulus with erotic emotions, and the behavioral chains that lead to the performance of the paraphilic sexual act. A thorough analysis of your paraphilic thoughts and associated behaviors will allow us to develop an effective action plan to eliminate Paraphilia.

Occasionally medication is used in a timely manner to help you overcome certain barriers in treatment but never as the only solution. Our goal is to achieve a natural and healthy sexual response without the use of drugs and Paraphilic Treatment in Delhi NCR.

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