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Get The Best Sexologist in Gurgaon

Do you really think that consultation are required for healthy sexual life?


One of our best sexologist in Gurgaon provides you the best diagnosis based on simple therapies and a medical review. The consultations are totally private, in individual waiting rooms, and 100% confidential. The doctor will recommend the most appropriate personal treatment for your type of erectile dysfunction, Infertility problems, nightfall, low libido, or more with best experiences that make our services better Sexologist in Gurgaon.

But, first, let’s know why such issues are necessary to diagnose.

Best sexologist in Gurgaon


According to recent research, 52% of men between the ages of 40 and 70 suffer from some degree of erectile dysfunction. 90% of erectile dysfunction cases are due to physiological causes and the remaining 10% are of psychological origin. The risk of erectile dysfunction increases by 39% after age 40 and up to 67% after age 70.

What does erectile dysfunction treatment consist of?

In the first consultation with one of our sexologist Doctor in Gurgaon for better health, a diagnosis will be made to determine the causes based on your medical history, medical review, and some questions about your lifestyle.

Based on the diagnosis and your health, the doctor will recommend the most appropriate comprehensive treatment for your specific case.

Dr. PK Gupta always at the forefront for a great solution to his patients. Even, we offer the most advanced treatments for various issues such as Pre-mature ejaculation, Low desire during intercourse, Nightfall, Infertility, or more. Because we provide the sexologist in Gurugram.

Take the online erectile dysfunction test or the online premature ejaculation test or you can directly video call us for our best-home services.

Let’s know how we are the widest provider of our best treatments of various problems and Sexologist in Gurgaon.


It is the one that occurs with minimal intercourse stimulation. 1 out of 3 men suffers from primary premature ejaculation. It can become a chronic problem.


Find out in less than 3 minutes. It is completely confidential. Our 95% of patients enjoy their intimate life after the completion of their treatment. In a consultation, we diagnose and recommend the most appropriate treatments for premature ejaculation. Individual waiting rooms and maximum discretion in all our centers. Our sexologist doctor in Gurgaon is experts in Human intercourse treatments.


Lack of intercourse appetite (also known as decreased libido) is, as the name suggests, a low level of intimate interest with your partner.

It manifests when it is difficult to intimate or less respond to the various intercourse activity in the face of the stimuli that used to provoke your desire and sexologist in Delhi.

Dr. PK Gupta believes that it is very important to get professional accommodations that are sought in this situation, especially to prevent the relationship of the couple from suffering from such issues.

Lack of intercourse appetite can occur:
  • 1. In general: when there is no intimate interest in anyone.
  • 2. In relation to the couple: when interest is lost solely towards her.
  • 3. Also, the lack of desire.
  • 4. Primary: when the desire for orgasm has never been felt.
  • 5. Secondary: when the desire for orgasm has disappeared.
Symptoms of lack of desire:

Apathy at the idea of practicing intercourse
Lack of interest in all intimate behavior (masturbation, sexual fantasies, erotic material, perception of attractiveness in people who could be your partners)
If you suffer from any of these symptoms or simply notice an abnormal pain in the penis, we recommend that you go to a sex specialist in Gurgaon to find out if you have any problems.

What is Intercourse Health?

The Health of doing the process of intercourse is fundamental for physical and psychological well-being. Well, a confident intercourse leads towards the great results of satisfaction, encompassing pleasure, reproduction, love, emotional ties, communication, or more. Taking care of our sexual health helps us to live in a pleasant, healthy, and responsible way with ourselves and with others.

What is a sexologist?

Top sexologists in Gurgaon takes care of human intercourse health psychologically as well with their best counseling.

At the best sexologist clinic in Gurgaon, Dr. PK Gupta with their best experiences & qualifications of MBBS, MD, PGDS is a pioneer in the treatment of various intimate problems. He deals with a group of highly experienced clinical Doctors & deals with both the diagnosis and treatment of intercourse difficulties or disorders. As well as he provides advice or counseling with a better understanding that helps people for the best satisfaction in life.

In our work we use an inclusive and positive approach, based on scientific methods, focused on the needs of the people they consult, accompanying them in the process to help them manage their problems. As well as promoting the development of strengths and skills that allow them to enjoy psychological and confident intimate of well-being.

When to go to sex specialist doctor in Gurgaon?

When you’re facing various intercourse problems continuously and the sooner the better since there is no need to continue suffering, the sooner the problem is addressed, the easier it will be to restore our level of sexual satisfaction and Sexologist in Gurgaon. That’s the reason to make an appointment & consult with a sexologist in Gurgaon for better results in bed.

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