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Which are major causes of sexual problems?

Best sexologist in Faridabad provides the best solution for all kind of professional treatments and therapies:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Low Libido
  • Nightfall Treatment
  • STDs
  • Penis Enlargement
  • Low sperm Count
  • Infertility problems

Hence, he is one of the experienced specialists that provide an effective treatment for all kind of intimate problems with your partner. Here we’ve point to point explanation that shows why we are not able to get great satisfaction during intercourse and sexologist in Faridabad.

Sexologist in Faridabad & Pain during intercourse

When genital pain is experienced during sexual intercourse, in both men and women, then the procedure of orgasm is not being experienced in a healthy and pleasant way and best sexologist doctor in Faridabad. Normalizing this pain will only generate suffering. An adequate intervention will rule out its possible causes and offer the most appropriate treatment for each case.

Aversion or fear of sex

People who suffer from this type of dysfunction show high levels of anxiety and panic when faced with certain activities or intimate stimuli. Our psychological specialists allow reducing this response of suffering and achieving the enjoyment of intercourse relations and Sexologist in Faridabad.

Support on issues of gender identity and / or desire orientation

Sexual orientation refers to the type of person each person is attracted to physically, emotionally, spiritually, and/or romantically. Sometimes these feelings conflict with the values, culture, or society that surrounds the individual and best sexologist in Faridabad. A sex specialist Doctor in Faridabad can help the person to live their intimate in a genuine and healthy way.

Relationship problems

In couple relationships, it is common for disagreements, conflicts or difficult situations to occur. However, if these are managed properly, having a partner can be an important source of well-being. In therapy, a safe environment is created in which we talk with our patients about their intimate problems humbly and sexologist doctor in Faridabad. So, we accommodate our professional therapies & suggestions for each of the members of the couple, thus improving their understanding and healthy communication.


Vaginismus is a contraction of the muscles of the vagina that prevent the entrance of the penis into the vagina, making intercourse impossible or very difficult. This can create great discomfort for both the woman and the couple. Its cause is mainly psychological, so sexual therapy is highly effective and sexologist in Delhi

Exercises for Premature Ejaculation

Three out of ten men that is approximately 30%, suffer from premature ejaculation either primary (since the beginning of their intimate life and the hasty ejaculatory reflex has occurred in all their private relations with their partner) or secondary (which appears suddenly after having an orgasm for a normal duration, but the ability to control ejaculation is lost due to emotional problems, stress, prolonged withdrawal, anxiety or a high degree of excitement). Exercises for premature ejaculation are the treatment alternative most recommended by sexologist doctor in Faridabad and the one that has proven to be most effective.

We provide very simple therapies that are easy to follow that serve to learn to know your own body better. They will help you distinguish between the sensations of erection, excitement, and ejaculation, and to know the sensations that precede orgasm. As well as our sex specialist in Faridabad suggests some healthy workout for premature ejaculation for at each stage for healthy intimate stimulation.
In this way, you will learn to master arousal and control when ejaculation and orgasm occur.

Why is it important to learn to control the body and mind during intercourse?

As stated by the sexologist clinic in Faridabad, both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation They are common conditions that men face without knowing that in most cases they have a solution, especially if they are treated in time. That is why it is so important to be informed and have a true knowledge of intercourse.

Sexuality is the same as any job, activity, or discipline that requires sex treatment in Faridabad and if we put the same effort that we put into our work or learning to use any machine or even knowing our cell phone, then the procedure of orgasm work better with your partner and your intimate life would be more satisfying. Learning, informing, and consulting sexologists in Faridabad on intimate health issues should be part of a healthy & satisfying life in any man or woman.

Dr. PK Gupta with more than 20 years of experiences is the most appreciated doctor amongst Faridabad. So, finding a specialist is better than seeking a Sexologist in Faridabad. Even we provide our video calling, calling, or another convenient service for the best recommendations of medications & treatments.

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