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Now it is Easy to share the problems during intercourse with our professional sexologist

Are you experiencing problems in your sexual health? Do not panic: it is a common situation than we can believe. It is important to face the situation as soon as possible in order to heal it and prevent it from becoming more Deep-rooted. Enjoying a full and satisfying & pleasure-full life is essential to have a better relationship, but also, on a great intimate level, it is important to improve self-esteem and self-confidence. Dr. PK Gupta with the high qualifications of MBBS, MD, PGDS is Sexologist in Noida.

We are going to offer you our greatest treatments with our best sexologists in Noida so that you can start treating this situation right away.

Best sexologist in Noida by Dr. P. K. Gupta

    Within a list, with professional and best sexologist doctor in Noida, we have to talk about various problems during intercourse that makes your orgasm health full of miseries.

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Low Libido
  • Nightfall Treatment
  • STDs
  • Penis Enlargement
  • Low sperm Count
  • Infertility problems

These are the primary problems that are necessary to be treated.
Here you will find a team of professionals who are 100% reputed and who will help you solve such problems that may occur within the great private field and intimate life as a couple. Dr. PK Gupta has been working for more than 20 years with people who need to improve various intimate problems and sexologist in Delhi. Some of the services that will help you overcome are premature ejaculation, veganism, orgasm, lack of desires, or more.

In accordance with this and with the parameters established by science, various dysfunctions (premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, or loss of intimate desire) must be treated comprehensively, that is, complementing medical intervention with Counseling, medications & therapies. In this way, successful results can be achieved within a reasonable time.

We offer our patients solutions based on pharmacological treatments plus the advice of sexologist doctor in Noida, who will guide them towards better treatment, adequate management of emotions, and above all, the way of giving and receiving greater pleasure.

What does our professional counseling consist of?

We could define our professional counseling as a complementary treatment that focuses on the causes of the problem to help the patient modify them. It is taught by professional psychologists specialized in our Sexologist clinic in Noida.

Dysfunctions are often of an emotional origin, such as fear of failure, difficulty concentrating, inadequate stimulation, and poor communication with the partner, bad habits, false beliefs, or traumatic intercourse experiences of the past. On this basis, Sexologist in Noida counseling includes various treatments that are explained in detail in consultation, so that later the patient practices them in a space where the environment is favorable. These consultations consist of relaxation exercises, sensory focus, habit modification, healthy medications, exercises, coital acclimatization, cognitive restructuring, confident communication, or among others.

What are the benefits of psychological intimate counseling?

With the therapist's guidance, the patient will be able to:
Reduce performance anxiety or fear of failure, an ever-present factor - to a greater or lesser extent - in men with intimate dysfunction.

Enhance the effectiveness of medical treatment. By working on confidence, self-esteem, anxiety, and also on the enrichment of our best treatment for couples who are suffering from such problems, it is possible to achieve a better response with our superior medications & sexologist in greater Noida.

Maintain a good result when withdrawing the medication, a key moment in which the patient may feel a little more insecure.

Adjust communication with the partner, both in relation to the dysfunction and in their orgasm routine and relationship in general.

Improve various hazards of intimate problems, which improves the various sort of therapies provided by us. Motivate the patient to maintain medical sex treatment in Noida and comply with it in a timely and disciplined manner.

By working holistically, it is possible to make the most of or even shorten the times - and therefore the costs - of medical treatment.

However, the most important factor for achieving the established goals is the commitment of the patient, who must strictly adhere to the recommended frequency of control appointments, the indications for medications, and the recommended exercises and techniques.

Should the couple be part of the great psychological counseling based on their problems?
If the patient has a stable couple relationship, with a healthy bond, and both are fully committed to obtain a good result, their participation can be of great help. But if it is a couple in crisis or even in the process of divorce, its inclusion in great psychological counseling is contraindicated.

If the patient does not have a stable partner, he can advance in the first stages of the process with individual training and leave the application of the techniques for intercourse until later.

In that way, Dr. PK Gupta is one of the experienced Sex specialist Doctors in Noida. We are completely committed by providing the best treatments because our patients are the first priority that makes us professional Sexologist in Noida.

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