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Best Exercises from our sex specialist doctor in Delhi NCR

“Dr. PK Gupta provides you the professional medications for impactful treatment.”

As we know that if we follow the proper medications & therapies then it impacts your healthy satisfaction with your partner. So, here is some best exercises & therapies provided by a Sex Specialist Doctor in Delhi.

Exercise 1: Repeat the masturbation-stop process three times and ejaculate the fourth.

Sex Specialist Doctor in Delhi NCR


Do this exercise two to three times a week for two weeks?


In these first two masturbation exercises, it is important that you alternate exercises with and without medication as recommended by your sex specialist in Delhi.

In the second part of the treatment, the intimate stimulation through masturbation is replaced by penetration.

Passive penetration:

Start to excite yourself with your partner through caresses and games. Once you have an erection, lie on your back. Your partner must be on top to perform the penetration and Sex Specialist Doctor in Faridabad. You must direct the movements of intercourse, but can only be done by your partner, you must remain passive and sexologist in Delhi. When you feel like you are about to ejaculate, ask your partner to stop the movements, without removing the penis from inside. Repeat the stimulation-stop process for three times and Sex Specialist in Ghaziabad. The fourth time, you can already ejaculate.


Do this exercise two to three times a week for two weeks.


According to the Sex Specialist Doctor in Noida, you should not remove the penis from the penetrated area during stops, or move. Try to remain totally passive and focus on the sensations produced by your partner's movements.

Active penetration:

Perform the repetitions with medication:

When you feel that you are about to ejaculate, stop the movements, without removing the penis from inside your partner and Sex Specialist in Noida. Repeat the stops three times before ejaculating the fourth time.


Do this exercise two to three times a week for two weeks. You should not remove the penis during stops. Perform the repetitions with medication.


You should not remove the penis during stops. Perform the repetitions with medication.

Frequently asked questions about exercises:

What happens if I ejaculate prematurely?

Nothing happens. If you ejaculate before performing the indicated repetitions, repeat the exercise the next time.

On the next occasion, try to be more attentive to the sensations about the excitement and the proximity of the ejaculation, until you manage to control it or Sex Specialist in Faridabad.

Do not skip to the next exercise until you have successfully completed all of the repetitions listed for each activity.

Can we have sex during treatment?

Yes. They can have sex whenever they want, without always having to carry out controlled exercises each time.

Of course, you must use the medication prescribed by the doctor.

How long will it take to control ejaculation?

Be patient. You will begin to notice more control over ejaculation in a period of four to ten weeks from when you start the exercises and Sex Specialist in Delhi NCR.

However, full control is not usually achieved until several months after starting treatment and Sex Specialist Doctor in Ghaziabad

What do we do if we get bored with the exercises?

To avoid getting bored with the treatment, it is recommended that, in addition to the prescribed exercises, they maintain normal sexual relations, when they wish and in the way that most appeals to them.

In no case should the treatment condition your sex life.

What if my partner does not want to collaborate?

The success of the treatment is based on the cooperation of the two members of the couple. By doing the exercises alone, you will not be able to learn to control ejaculation during normal intercourse.

If your partner disagrees with treatment or is frustrated by slow progress, talk to her. Try to understand that the dysfunction affects both of them and that the treatment will help to fix it Sex Specialist in Delhi. You can also ask her to speak to your doctor so that she can explain in detail the advantages and requirements of the treatment, clarify her doubts and clear the fears that perhaps she does not dare to raise.

Does the treatment really work?

If you do it correctly, this combined medication and exercise treatment is very effective against premature ejaculation. It is also painless and can be done at home.

In a few weeks, you will feel that the insecurity decreases progressively; you can give pleasure to your partner and ensure that the two fully enjoy their sexual relationships. The frustration and anxiety will disappear and this will be a great improvement in your life.

An additional recommendation: never self-medicate. It has been shown that the "food supplements" that are sold online to increase sexual vigor, anesthetic creams or products that you find in sex shops, are not effective and in the long run, they usually harm the body, hide the dysfunction or even worsen the trouble. Assuming you have a premature ejaculation problem is the first step to real change and Sex Specialist Doctor in Delhi. It is worth investing time and effort in these exercises for premature ejaculation, always with the advice of a Sex specialist doctor near me.

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