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Low sperm count: how to increase it?

The Low Sperm Count Treatment in Delhi NCR - together with sperm mobility and morphology - affects the quality of semen and influences male fertility. Know its causes and how to increase it to facilitate pregnancy.

Low Sperm Count Treatment in Delhi NCR

A low sperm count - which is detected in a semen analysis or seminogram - is one of the causes attributable to men that a couple may have difficulty achieving a pregnancy. For the result to be considered normal according to the World Health Organization (WHO), two criteria have to be met: that the semen sample contains more than 15 million sperm per milliliter, and that the total count in all the ejaculate is more than 39 million.

A result below these parameters is considered abnormal and is called oligozoospermia - says the expert - but there are different degrees of oligozoospermia, and this condition does not always constitute a limiting factor for women to become pregnant, as occurs in the case of that the total concentration in the ejaculate is 30-35 million sperm.

Factors that affect semen quality

There are many other factors associated with semen quality that influence the success of conception, and the results of the seminogram; In addition to the concentration of sperm, the mobility and sperm morphology are checked, “if the concentration is very good, but the sperm does not show mobility, that will prevent it from reaching the ovum, and therefore it will not be possible to get pregnant”. In addition, he adds, there are other factors at the genetic level that are not seen in a normal semen analysis , so the patient would have to undergo somewhat more complex and detailed Low Sperm Count Treatment in Delhi NCR.

Cryptorchidism, hormonal problems, varicocele, or having undergone certain surgical interventions, can affect seminal quality. So, Dr. PK Gupta is treats Low Sperm Count Treatment in Delhi NCR with right experiences & specialty.

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