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HIV Doctors in Delhi - Dr. P.K. Gupta

HIV (Human Immuno Deficiency Virus) is a serious problem and one should deal with it as soon as possible before it get delay and transform into AIDS that is Acquired Immno Deficiency syndrome.
This HIV ruins your immune system by pulling down the white blood cells that fight against infection and puts you at the risk for serious infection and certain cancers. One should be absolutely firm with this problem and consult HIV doctors in India.

Best Qualified HIV Doctors in Delhi

In spite of the fact that HIV can develop in any person, but there are surely few brackets that are at higher risk when compared to other people of the society. They need to take extra care and precaution to prevent developing HIV infection. Various high-risk groups comprises of:

  • Skilful Therapeutics
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender group
  • Harlot
  • People who indulge in unprotected intercourse

But with Dr PK Gupta, known as the best qualified HIV doctors in Delhi can prevent people who are at higher risk of developing this issue by providing some exercises or techniques to manage stress and also remove their fear after having unprotected intercourse and become tensed.

HIV Expert Doctor in Delhi

HIV expert doctors in Delhi is now here to take away your worries regarding your query for HIV. Our outlook is to aid you for overcoming your anxiety if you are in slightest dilemma for being exposed to HIV. We provide you with proper counselling and give better clarity on the subject matter. Our expert doctor PK Gupta carefully and patiently listen to all your doubts, multiple thing running in one’s mind and your questions and then gives you the solutions and treatment available.

HIV Specialist Doctor in Delhi

You will get all your remedy and responses regarding the HIV issue with our HIV specialist doctor in Delhi. People might avoid concerning the specialist due to fear and embarrassment and the concern that whether one will maintain the confidentiality or not. But our faculty is skilful and experienced and are professional in managing the stress of the patient on a psychological level as it is also the part of the holistic approach in HIV therapy. The counselling is done on one-to-one basis with our renowned counsellor on various topics related to sexual health. A professional relation is built which provides confidence in the patient that their identities will remain confidential.

HIV Doctor in Delhi

There are multiple sources through which one can have the spread of HIV infection:

  • Not using protection during the sexual intercourse just in case if one partner is HIV positive.
  • If a healthy person uses the already used HIV nooky toys, then the healthy has the chances of getting infected.
  • In case the mother is HIV positive then the chances of HIV can be seen in the new born at the time of delivery or breast feeding.
  • Needles having infected blood used by other person for the intake of drugs.
  • During blood donation or organ transplant.
  • One should be aware that the spread of HIV infection does not happen until blood or bleeding is concerned. Normal contact, kiss, handshake, sharing of stuff will not spread HIV infection. So one should better concern HIV doctor in Delhi to be secure from this spread and infection.

    HIV Treatment Doctor in Delhi

    In case one is suffering from any of these symptoms such as painful joints and muscles, fever, headache, sore throat, body rash, fatigue, Weight loss, diarrhea, then without wasting your precious time consult HIV treatment doctor in Delhi by PK Gupta and set yourself free from this infection at the soonest.

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