Sexually Transmitted Diseases

With the advent of AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases suddenly came in the focus of society. What was initially thought to be a problem of homosexuals soon became a problem of all sexually promiscuous persons who had careless sex with multiple partners. Surveys show that even today, that almost 50% men and women do not think it necessary to use a condom when having sex with a new unknown partner. I have seen young men and women die in the prime of their life because of just one careless sex act. I have witnessed men and women transmitting this deadly disease to their innocent partner before dying with disastrous consequences.
In addition to AIDS, other sexually transmitted diseases like Herpes, Gonohorrhoea, etc. can also cause a lot of medical and relationship problems. Although treatment of advanced cases of AIDS is the job of a person specializing in the field, a sex therapist can be of immense help in imparting sex education and advance information is crucial in prevention.