Lack of or delayed Orgasm

The ultimate euphoria that you experience at the peak of sexual excitement that’s commonly accompanied with tremors of body along with mental as well as physical satisfaction is called orgasm or climax. In men, orgasm is normally accompanied with seminal discharge in spurts (ejaculation) and this is an exceptionally pleasurable sensation. In women the genital area also contracts in spasms. Majority of women have no discharge of fluid but some women report of a fluid spurting from the urethra. Because this does not happen in all women and the volume of the fluid is small, it is still not accepted by everyone as ‘female ejaculation’.

After orgasm, men and women usually report of sudden loss of sexual desire accompanied with general gratification and sleepiness. Lack of, or delayed orgasm is said to be a predominantly a women’s problem but men can also be affected and it can be very bothersome to the person concerned. Majority of men and women indulge in sex to enjoy the orgasmic experience and if it does not happen in spite of prolonged intercourse, it’s natural for anyone to feel frustrated. If the person has to struggle and work excessively hard to climax, the intensity of orgasmic pleasure gets reduced.

Following are the complaints of women and men about the above mentioned problem.

  • Never Had An Orgasm
  • Can’t Orgasm in Certain Situations
  • Can have Orgasm only after Vigorous ThrustingDelayed orgasm and absent orgasm (Anorgasmia)

A good sexologist in Delhi should be able to treat such problems after ascertaining the facts and circumstances when this occurs.
Almost everyone on the planet is capable of having orgasms: if you haven’t had one yet, there is nothing wrong with you, you’ve perhaps just not understood the ‘technique’ of how to have one as yet. But if you are patient, you surely can! A common cause of this problem is anxiety or stress and lack of knowledge.