Lack of Desire for sex

Although many men complain that their partner has a lack of desire for sex, this problem is also commonly faced by men. The first clarification regarding lack of desire is that it’s okay if you sometimes do not want sex even if your partner is ‘in mood’ for it. However, if and when the problem becomes of a long standing and recurrent, to put your relationship in jeopardy (danger) you must seek professional help without delay. Therefore if you or your partner notices a sudden big drop in your level of interest and it bothers one or both of you, it’s generally a signal that something else is going on – either in your relationship, or in your mind or in your body.
Here are some things that can affect your level of desire for sex:

  • Stressful changes in your life – a new job or additional responsibilities in an existing job, or quarrels at home or office, or changing your home, etc., all affect your desire for sex. Stress in any form can have a debilitating impact on your sexuality.
  • Recurrent quarrels within the family members can also dampen sex. Constant feelings of suspicion, resentment, grief, anger towards anyone can cause loss of desire.
  • General ill-health, many chronic diseases, medications of such diseases, etc., can reduce sexual desire.
  • Women using pills that contain hormones for preventing pregnancy can complain of decrease in sexual urge.
  • Andropause – a condition affecting middle age men is also known to cause loss of desire for sex causing stress and worry in both partners.


After a careful and patient discussion with both partners best sexologist in Delhi will surely be able to pinpoint the cause or causes of the problem. Your patience and perseverance is also important.