About Us

Welcome to sexual health doctor clinic for sex counselling & therapy. This clinic is run by one of the best sexologists in Delhi, India Dr Vipin Kumar Sisodia & Dr Devendra Babbar. They both are Senior Consultant Urologist, Sexologist & Renal Transplant Surgeon at Jaipur Golden Hospital, Rohini, Delhi. They are providing advice/treatment on all sex problems like Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Premature Ejaculation (PE), painful sex (dyspareunia), penis size (small) shape angle issues, difficult first time sex (non-consumation), lack of sexual desire, absent/lack of orgasm, sexual burnout syndrome, homosexuality, gender identity, sexual abuse, masturbation and circumcision questions and worries, phimosis, paraphimosis. Visit our clinic and get your sex related questions answered by the sex expert. We are having years of experience in the health domain.

Sex is a biological need of each of us and without sex we cannot get satisfaction in life. However, it can become a major concern for some persons who face recurrent sexual problems. Often, as men and women approach their mid-life, they face sexual problems. Like any other major health problem like cancer, diabetes and heart disease, it is beneficial to seek early treatment for sexual problems. Some couples require many weeks or a few months and sometimes even 1-2 years or more to sexually adjust with each other. In these kinds of situations, Dr.Sisodia and Dr.Babbar can help you get engaged with each other without hesitation.

However, seeking professional help from sexologist in Delhi is always better as it is unbiased, scientifically correct and based on objective consideration of the overall problems. He/she can always benefit you by providing instant help.